Own a vacation home at a fraction of the cost

otherhome’s unique ownership structure allows you to reduce purchasing costs by only acquiring the pieces you want based on your expected usage.

otherhome offers the ability and flexibility to purchase pieces of a property, so purchasers only buy what they need or want to use.

If you have always wanted to own a vacation home, but you realize how expensive or difficult it may be, you are not even close to alone. There are MILLIONS of people just like you, who would love the prestige of vacation home ownership, but it was out of reach… UNTIL NOW.

Purchase with an othercircle

Imagine if you had $200,000 to invest in a vacation property. Options for a full property in that price range are very limited. Full ownership options would only apply to something very small, very old and very far; a property that would require time and maintenance, and likely sit empty over 80% of the time.

OR – you could purchase 1/8 of an otherhome cottage valued at $1.6 million. A stunning property in a sought-after location; large, modern, beautiful, on the water. And that 1/8 ownership results in 6 weeks of potential enjoyment and usage.

othercircle case study

Imagine if you and your 3 siblings wanted a family vacation home in the Bahamas. But each of you and your families only had 4-5 weeks per year to use it.

With otherhome, you each have the opportunity to buy 2/8 of the beach home, each spending only a quarter of the full purchase price, each receiving 12 weeks of usage, which is 7-8 more weeks than you figure you need.

Now, not only can you use that beach house throughout the year, but if you want a ski vacation instead, you can exchange your weeks at the beach for a beautiful home in the mountains.

And with those extra 7-8 unused weeks – you can earn income through rentals. That unused time becomes found money.


You only pay for what you can potentially use, rent out or exchange, so you are enjoying your dream property to the fullest.


Your property is fully managed by otherhome with maintenance, upkeep and weekly cleanings, so you don’t need to worry about anything all year except showing up, enjoying it, and leaving when you’re done.

More options

As part of the otherhome network, you have the ability to exchange your weeks to visit other properties around the world through our affiliate partnership with THIRDHOME, or rent out weeks you don’t plan on using.

Managable costs

As if all of that wasn’t enough, you also enjoy reduced operational costs, as you’re splitting the utilities, maintenance and taxes with the other owners.

Co-own with others

If you want to buy a piece alone, no problem! otherhome offers vacation properties that need partial owners.

  • Only need 6 weeks per year? Then you can buy 1/8 of a property.
  • Want 12 weeks per year? You can be a 2/8 owner.
  • 24 weeks? Buy 4/8 of your dream property.
  • It’s all up to you!
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Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer is no- all owners are on property title instead of just owning a piece of time only, and no property title. otherhome is NOT a timeshare. Typical timeshares sell units of time/usage, not the title, consisting of up to 52 people at each property. 100% of otherhome properties are owned BY the owners, all of whom are on the property title. Additionally, otherhome only allows a maximum of 8 owners per property, providing far better (and more flexible) usage opportunities.
In order to eliminate almost all risk for otherhome owners, we don’t allow mortgages. Pieces of each property must be entirely paid for. This will protect owners from any market volatility and the risks that are associated with mortgages and lender claims, while also making the paperwork more simple!
otherhome properties each have between 1 and 8 owners. Each of these owners are on the property title. otherhome is a management company with absolutely zero ownership (unless we have actually purchased as an owner ourselves).
otherhome has a proprietary calendar that fairly distributes weeks of usage to each owner. The calendar rotates each year, to ensure everyone receives an equal amount of peak and non- peak weeks.
Not only do we manage your property for you, we also manage all of your short-term rentals including advertising and cleaning. You just let us know which of your weeks you want to rent out and we will take care of the rest! We do all the work, you enjoy additional income! *jurisdictional terms & conditions apply.
We have an affiliate partnership with renowned property exchange company, THIRDHOME. If your property meets their minimum requirements, you simply opt-in through otherhome, then you’re on your way to leveraging your unused weeks at your property towards incredibly discounted international vacations!