More buyers, more deals

Developers will now have an additional opportunity to access a more expanded network of buyers.

If you are a vacation home developer, otherhome could redefine how you are currently making sales and doing business.

You’ve been using the same sales model for years, but with changing economic conditions and landscapes around the world, things are changing.

  • More Deals
  • Seamless Process
  • Expanded Market
  • Less Risk

Find more buyers by seeing your product as the sum of many parts.

The otherhome model consists of up to 8 owners. Rather than being limited to selling one entire home to one qualified purchaser, you could sell your homes to groups of purchasers who combine to buy the entire home.

As a developer you currently have only two options:

Option 1:

Work under your existing model with your existing team and sell as you always have in the timing that the market dictates and to a limited client-base.

Under current standard developer transactions, each developer works only with their individual sales team, depending on their network and marketing to bring individual purchasers to the sales office.

Purchasers need to be able to afford an entire unit and qualify for mortgages, so many of the leads and prospects are priced out of the market. On the best of days, developers are fighting for shares of a limited client-base.

Option 2:

otherhome is the future of vacation home ownership.

Work with otherhome and sell your units through a massive network of agents and to a more diverse client-base. You can convert your ownership structure to otherhome, and work with a team whose network will bring individual AND groups of purchasers to buy your properties. Because our ownership structure allows purchasing of pieces of the home and we don’t allow mortgages (cash deals only), our potential leads and prospects are NOT priced out, as they are much more likely able to afford 1/8 – 8/8 of each home.

What does it mean to have multiple owners per unit? Optimized usage. What does that mean? You are no longer building communities that look deserted for over 80% of the year. Everything you envisioned when conceptualizing the community will come to fruition.

Cash deals only

This ensures that deals close on the day they are supposed to.

More buyers

Affordability allows more people to gather in an othercircle and buy vacation homes.


Even though there are up to 8 people involved, otherhome will make the process as seamless as possible.


Our platform allows investors from other countries to invest (where applicable) and puts your company on the map for many who wouldn’t have known you before.

Exciting new opportunities coming soon

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Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer is no- all owners are on property title instead of just owning a piece of time only, and no property title. otherhome is NOT a timeshare. Typical timeshares sell units of time/usage, not the title, consisting of up to 52 people at each property. 100% of otherhome properties are owned BY the owners, all of whom are on the property title. Additionally, otherhome only allows a maximum of 8 owners per property, providing far better (and more flexible) usage opportunities.
In order to eliminate almost all risk for otherhome owners, we don’t allow mortgages. Pieces of each property must be entirely paid for. This will protect owners from any market volatility and the risks that are associated with mortgages and lender claims, while also making the paperwork more simple!
otherhome properties each have between 1 and 8 owners. Each of these owners are on the property title. otherhome is a management company with absolutely zero ownership (unless we have actually purchased as an owner ourselves).
otherhome has a proprietary calendar that fairly distributes weeks of usage to each owner. The calendar rotates each year, to ensure everyone receives an equal amount of peak and non- peak weeks.
Yes, however the structure on how that is best done varies by jurisdiction/country, so we recommend you reach out to us if you’re interested in one of our properties to get more details.
When? otherhome transactions work just like any other regular real estate transaction - you get paid shortly after the transaction closes. How? You are paid the typical commission percentage like a regular transaction. The only difference is it will be based off of the purchase price of the share you sold instead of the full purchase price of the entire property. Therefore, if you sell the whole property to one or multiple purchasers, your commission would be reflective of the total property price. If you sell 1/8 of a property, then your commission would be reflective of 1/8 of the total property price. *jurisdictional terms & conditions apply.
We have licensed international partners in the jurisdictions where we sell our properties, so we would provide a referral agreement for these transactions. *jurisdictional terms & conditions apply.
Yes, we will pay you a 25% referral fee on the next 5 resale transactions if we receive any commission from your client. *jurisdictional terms & conditions apply.
Not only do we manage your property for you, we also manage all of your short-term rentals including advertising and cleaning. You just let us know which of your weeks you want to rent out and we will take care of the rest! We do all the work, you enjoy additional income! *jurisdictional terms & conditions apply.
We have an affiliate partnership with renowned property exchange company, THIRDHOME. If your property meets their minimum requirements, you simply opt-in through otherhome, then you’re on your way to leveraging your unused weeks at your property towards incredibly discounted international vacations!